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Scoil Mhuire, Allenwood, Co.Kildare.

Ms. Cleary (Senior Infants A)

Miss Cleary is a temporary teacher in Scoil Mhuire. 

Miss Cleary teaches 17 Senior Infant children in the Back building



The class have been having so much fun in our Aistear stations. This month one of our themes was Halloween.
We have been cutting and creating some Halloween words in our literacy area.
The class have been busy making and buying some potions in our potion shop in the roleplay area . 
We have been making some haunted houses in the construction area.
There have been some spooky items put into our sand box. 
One of our favorite stories is room on the broom. We are enjoying playing with the characters from the story in our small world area.


Meet the newest member of our class ‘Zippy’ the stick insect. As part of our SPHE curriculum we will be following the ‘zippy’s friends’ programme. This programme allows us to identify and explore our feelings, cope with everyday difficulties and identify ways to manage our problems.


We have been enjoying our yoga sessions every Friday. We love the time to relax, breathe and practice different yoga techniques. It is our Friday favourite.





We love our football sessions with Mark. We have been making great progress and have been able to compete in some class matches during our training sessions.


We have been learning all about the number 6. We have been working hard practicing writing the number six and making sums to the value of six.

We have been having lots of fun doing lots of Halloween art. We made some pumpkins out of clay.


Halloween in our classroom!




Our Aistear theme this Month was the hospital.

Role Play Area: We had some doctors and nurses working hard in our doctor surgery.

Construction Area: We had some fun making some hospitals with our building blocks.

Small world area: We played doctors are nurses with some stick characters.

Play dough area: We helped some patients by making some plasters with playdough

Cutting and Sticking: We made our very own x ray machine by cutting out a skeleton and sticking it onto the x-ray screen. 


Miss_Cleary_Seniors_Aistear_3.jpgMiss_Cleary_Seniors_Aistear_2.jpgMiss Cleary Seniors Aistear


This month we have been learning about 3D shapes. We learned about the cube, cuboid, cylinder and sphere. We brought in some 3D shapes that we found at home. 

Miss Cleary Maths 2.Miss_Cleary_Maths_1.jpg


We have been talking about people at work. We talked about the different jobs people have in our community. We drew pictures of what we would like to be when we grow up.




Winter is here and we had lots of fun making some penguins. We have them hung up in the hall of our school for everyone to see. 

Miss Cleary Seniors Art 2.Miss Cleary Seniors Art 1



This has been an exciting month for our class. So many things have been happening this month. We are all so excited for Christmas.


Jingle the elf:
We had a new member come into our class for the month of December. Meet Jingle the elf. He has been getting up to mischief in our class. We have been so excited every morning to see what he has been getting up to when nobody is around.


We have been having lots of fun playing at Santa’s workshop. Here’s what we have been getting up to.


Role play area: We have been working hard as elves in Santa’s workshop, getting lots of presents made and wrapped for all the boys and girls for Christmas.
Sand Area: Jingle our elf has been a little bit messy in our tidy classroom, he left some of his clothes in our sand box which our class found.
Construction area: We have been making some Santa’s buildings in the North Pole
Play dough area: We had some Christmas themed play dough. We enjoyed playing with it so much.
Small world Area: we played with some stick puppets in our own Santa’s workshop.


We continued to talk about the people who work in our community and the different jobs they do. We were very lucky that our student council organised a special visit from Garda Paul. We even got a look inside the Garda van.


We also had a visit from a dentist. She told us all about the importance of looking after our teeth.

Buddy Reading:
The fabulous boys are girls from 3rd class came to our class to read us some lovely stories. They brought in some Christmas stories from home to read to our class.


Super troopers:
We were so excited to have received our super trooper active homework journal. We have been practicing our exercises in class before we complete them after school.


We have been busy making some lovely Christmas art pieces. We especially loved
making and decorating our own Christmas trees.